Ng Yau Kiu

An Unique Hiking Trip

One nice sunny Saturday, we were all getting ready for our Family Hiking trip at High Junk Peak Trail in Sai Kung. We couldn’t wait to hike at the lovely nature site. We packed all the equipment and things we needed including water, a map, hiking sticks, compass, etc.

When we arrived at the site, we hopped out of the car and got all our things. We were ready to start our hiking adventure. While we were walking to the entrance of the site, Nathan, my brother, couldn’t keep his eyes off the kiosk. So Mom decided to get some snacks for us. Then, Dad reminded us to always stay together while we were hiking. We all nodded and then officially started hiking.

A while later, I felt exhausted. My legs were very sore. Suddenly, I saw a very interesting looking plant and I got so caught up by it. I stopped hiking and used my magnifying glass to observe it. It had a very weird shape and colour. I had no clue what it was. “Does anybody know what kind of plant this is?” I asked. Nobody replied, “Anyone? Hello?” I asked again. Then I looked around and realised that my whole family was gone!

I freaked out and didn’t know what to do. It was getting cold and it began to rain. I saw a cave nearby. Then I quickly ran inside. I sat down on the ground and felt ashamed of myself, “I should have followed my family instead of getting too addicted to the plant!” I reflected. I had waited for about an hour and I was too scared that I started to cry. Suddenly, I heard feet stomping. I wondered who it was. It turned out to be a hiker, he heard my cry so he asked me what happened. After I explained what happened, he felt sorry and decided to help look for my family. The rain stopped and we started searching. “Did your family say which destination they wanted to go?” he asked. “I think it’s the top of this mountain!” I replied. “Let’s go to the peak of the mountain! The distance is not far from here,” he said.

After a few minutes, we managed to make it to the peak of the mountain! The view was spectacular. Everything down seemed to be shrunked! The best part was that I found my family! “Darling! We found you! We thought you were lost. We were so worried!” said Dad. “I was lost but this wonderful hiker helped me find you guys!” I said. “Oh, really! Thank you and we all appreciate it!” Mom said. “Thank you so much for helping me find my family!” I said. “My pleasure!” said the hiker.

Out of thankfulness, Mom invited the hiker to have dinner with us. He agreed, so we all hiked down and went to a restaurant. After we finished dinner, we said goodbye to the hiker and Dad drove us home. Before bedtime, my parents wanted to have a talk with me. “What have you learnt today?” Dad asked me. “I learnt that I should always stay together and always listen to you guys! I’m so sorry, I will never let this happen again. I promise!” I replied genuinely. My parents forgave me and gave me a big hug. Then I went to bed and thought today was a unique hiking trip!

The End!

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Miss Tang’s Comments:

Try to use commas (,) in the suitable place! We use full stop (.) at the end of a complete sentence! Your ideas are comprehensive with a lot of vocabulary!