Ng Wing Ling Angel

The Wonders of Cyber City

I finally did it! I made a portal to an alternative Universe! As I stepped into the portal, I was amazed at the view I saw. There were so many robots!

Then, I saw a sign which said Cyber City. The technology here was fabulous! They even made the electricity environmental friendly. Unlike the earth that humans polluted…… there were a lot of artifical intellegence inventions! So many interesting and wonderful things that I could not explain.

After that, I figured out I was just in a random mall of Cyber City. So I went out to get some fresh air. While I was walking around, I saw free motorcycles to rent! When I asked the owner, the robot said it was just a broken bike. I was surprised that this cool looking motorcycle was only an automatic bike in Cyber City. I got the bike and started zooming around. I decided to explore the city. I then saw a sign saying Cyber Primary school, so I went there.

At the front of the school, I saw a robot. It was lying on the floor with an unhappy face. The robot said, “Little boy, I need your help.” I said, “Sure, how can I help?” It said he got abandoned by his parents and he was hungry. I hurried to the mall again and ordered some food for him. I rushed back and gave it the food. Surprisingly, this robot is the King of Cyber City. He offered me to be the prince. “BANG” said the thunderstorm, I woke up.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Tang’s Comments:

The story details are interesting. The vocabulary used is good.