Chow Tsz Yau Millia

A Trip to Lake District in UK

Seven years ago, I went on a trip with my family. First, we went to Windermere. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Lake District. Windermere is famous because of its beautiful scenery. There was a big blue lake. We spent an afternoon taking a boat trip on the lake and fed the geese, too! They were cute and colorful. On the boat trip, I felt very peaceful. The beautiful scenery made me feel that I was living in a fairy world!

Next, we went to The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction. Lake District is the birthplace of the children’s book Peter Rabbit. We enjoyed the theme exhibition of Peter Rabbit. It was very interesting to see different characters in Peter Rabbit’s stories. I took many photos with the characters.

In addition, we ate many special foods there. We tried Sarah Nelson’s gingerbread. It had a long history since 1854. We had tried ginger granules, which were crispy and fragrant. We also bought some Cumberland sausage, ginger wine, and mint cake for our friends. All of them were well known by local people and tourists.

I hope I can visit some other places in the United Kingdom. It is such a beautiful country!

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Miss Kwok’s comments:

Wow, what an amazing trip! Thank you for telling me how enjoyable your trip to the UK was. I really hope to be able to fly to other countries after the pandemic is over.