Wong Ngo Suet Melody

A Poem about My Brother

My brother is cute!
His name is Zero.
He has short hair.
He loves to eat Oreo,
And always want to share.
He is naughty!
He hits me at the back,
Because he is angry.

My brother is sweet!
He loves singing songs,
Like a bird.
There is nothing wrong!
He listens to electronic music,
Even when he is not awake.
Minecraft is his favourite.
Creeper, Craftee and Herobrine…

My brother is funny!
He is scared of spiders,
But he loves Spiderman.
He hates cockroaches,
He jumps on them if he can.
He hates eating broccoli,
And he eats it angrily!

My brother is a lovely kid!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Sarah’s Comments:

Learned lots about Zero! What a fun poem! Well done with some rhyming words.