Chan Ho Wan Mattias


When you jump up in the air, you drop back down again. This is because there’s an invisible force pulling you down to the ground. This force is called gravity. All objects have gravity and make a slight pull on other objects. With small objects, this force is too weak to have an effect. But huge objects like planets, have enough gravity to pull other things towards them. The bigger an object is, the stronger its gravity is. Very big planets, like Jupiter, have much stronger gravity than Earth. Small planets and moons have a weaker gravity than Earth’s. Jupiter’s gravity is more than twice as strong as Earth’s. If you could visit Jupiter, you wouldn’t be able to move because its gravity is so strong. Jupiter’s moon is quite small and its gravity is much weaker than Earth’s. You can jump many times higher than you can on Earth. Gravity has been understood by people around the world but scientists do not fully understood how it works. Maybe someday they will figure the science of gravity.

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Miss Rebecca’s Comments:

Would you like to be a scientist yourself? There’s so much still to find out about the universe!