Lam Ching Hei Haydn

Becoming a Lion

If I had a chance to change into an animal, I would turn into a lion. I can help protect the whole group of animals from poachers.

The best option of habitat to live in is the savannah. I prefer a dry, grassy place because a lion doesn’t like humid places. Next, I chose a grassy place because I wish grass could be my main diet.

As a lion, I could help teach other animals survival skills. Moreover, I could also help them in daily life, like picking walnuts for monkeys or giving animals a ride around the village as a birthday gift.

But on the other hand, a lion is thought to be a fierce, cruel and predatory animal. It is also thought to be bossy, like a king. As a result when I first arrive to the animals’ place, they might be very scared. It might take a very long time for them to recognize me as a kind lion, and mingle with me with absolute no fear at all. Moreover, I cannot actually survive without meat, as I am not a herbivore. In other words, I must kill some animals to live, but I would try to eat the animals who hurt others.

I feel happy, confident and brave to turn into a lion. I hope that I could make the animal society more peaceful and hope that all the “animal citizens” could live happily and peacefully.

Last but not least, to be honest I still want to remain as a human and live in the metropolises of the world.

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Miss Rebecca’s Comments:

You did a great job of imagining the realities of being a lion, and thinking about how the lions’ abilities and needs affect other animals. But I think you’d prefer to stay a human because humans can think about the world in a way animals can’t.