Lam Wai Lok Nathan

My Dog

My dog Satay, is a pomeranian which means that she has over ten thousand fur on her body. The day we got her was on March 19th, just three days away from my birthday. Her birthday is on December 26th which is the Boxing Day!

What Should I Get for Her
I was thinking about this for a while but still couldn’t figure out what to get. I was thinking maybe I can get her some macarons and a cake or even ice-cream.

My dog can sometimes be aggressive and sometimes very kind. It depends on the time. If it is around six to ten then she is very kind but when it is around eleven to five then she is aggressive. From six to ten she is always sleeping. She is lazy.

My dog is very cute and adorable. When you see her you can’t wait to touch her because when she gets picked up by someone she looks ten times cuter. When she runs, she runs like a rabbit and when she sleeps, she sleeps like a mouse.

In conclusion, my dog Satay is a pom and her birthday is coming up soon. Also, my dogs personalities depends on the time and I want to get her something special for her birthday.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Rebecca’s Comments:

What a great description of your pet! I can really visualise what they’re like. Do you think she’d prefer a toy or something to eat?