Sze Ching Fung Leo

The Man and the Dog

Once upon a time, there was a dog that could talk in a castle. The dog could create money. The dog was kind and he gave out money to the poor at night. One day, some people saw the dog giving out money. The news was spread out until it reached a rich man that was very greedy. He wanted to have more money so he captured the dog. He said to the dog, “Give me your money or I will kill you!” The dog said, “No, because you don’t need the money but the poor do! If you were kind, I might give you money!” The man said, “How do I become kind?” The dog said, “If you give out your money to the poor!” The man considered it but he didn’t set the dog free.

A few days had passed, he still didn’t give out money. Then he thought maybe he should try that once, so he gave out some money. He felt good, so he gave out money every day. Gradually, he became a kind and helpful man.

One day, he ran out of money so he went back to the dog. “I gave out all my money and now I feel good.” The dog said,” So you know the importance of helping others now.” The dog gave the man a double amount of money that the man used to have . The man became very caringl and lots of people liked him.

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Miss Rebecca’s Comments:

A wonderful story, Leo! You really showed how the main character grew and changed.