Ng Kwai Chun Gretchun

The Lonely Holiday Trip

Around five years ago, I went to Macau by boat with my family. I was really afraid of the boat trip because I only thought about the bad things like sharks, whales and the odds of the boat sinking. Thankfully, my mother comforted me by saying everything would be alright.

After thirty minutes, we arrived! I got off the boat with my bag while my parents got theirs. I was happy that none of us were injured. We went to a nearby café and ate some snacks to fill back the energy we lost. I was super excited to go to a park called Superpark. Superpark was a big indoor park with lots of different activities and games.

When we went there, it was very crowded. Suddenly, I didn’t want to go because I hated socializing, but of course we didn’t go back since the hotel wasn’t close and my brother wanted to go. We headed inside and played the obstacle courses.

After playing for a while, my brother saw his friend from our school! When I greeted him, my brother suggested that they went to the rock wall to have a race. They ran there leaving me alone. I stood there like a statue, thinking what I should do. Since I could do nothing? I went to the long slides. I played for a long time until I got bored. I tried to gather up my courage and asked them if we could play together. They said yes and we played together for a long time.

After this trip, I realized that we need to have courage and take risks to have a better ending or result.

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