Hui Ching Shan

A Mission from My Mum

Last weekend, my mum was actually sick, so she asked me to help her to buy a few masks for her. I promised my mum. Then she gave me a hundred and fifty dollars and off I went.

When I arrived at the supermarket, there were lots and lots of people maybe because it was Chinese New Year. Therefore, I quickly found the aisle where there were masks. I took a few boxes and went to the cashier counter to line up.

After I lined up, I was ready to take my money out. I realised I lost some money, so I let the next customer pay first and called my mun for help. I said, “Sorry, Mum. I lost fifty dollars.” “Oh! I am so glad. Come back home first. I will tell you something, said my mum.

When I went back home, my mum told me that actually she only gave me a hundred dollars because she wanted to try and see if I was honest from telling the truth which I lost some of the money! I was so glad that I didn’t lose money and promised my mum I would never tell lies!

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