Cheung Hei Yin Ally

Sick Puppy

11th May (Friday) Rainy

My lovely puppy, Lucky, was sick! I was very worried about her yesterday. She was sick in the morning and she didn’t want to eat any breakfast or dinner. Lucky didn’t even want to go for a walk and just laid in her basket to sleep. Mum decided to take her to the vet.

This morning, we took our puppy to the vet with my mum and sister, Mary, by taxi. Lucky continued to whine and lay on my leg during this journey. After arrival, a nurse just simply checked Lucky’s body temperature. Then she became so nervous and found a vet immediately. The vet checked Lucky in detail, and confirmed that Lucky had got a fever and flu. The vet said that Lucky was fine and Lucky would get better over time. He also gave some medicine for Lucky and taught us how to feed Lucky.

After a few days, Lucky got better and better. She started walking around in the garden and ate a lot of food. My mum and I also played happily with her. We felt happy again.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg