Wong Matthias

A Healthy Day

Once upon a time, there was a boy who was very fat. He ate one box of candies daily. One day he wanted to eat a bar of chocolate but he could not swallow it. He tried many times but he failed. That’s when he decided to be healthy. He went to the grocery store to buy 10 apples and 6 oranges. Then he ate them all up, he was very full and could not eat anymore. Then he went to a fitness store to buy 3 dumbbells and 2 treadmills, and he exercised for 3 long hours every day. After he exercised, he would meditate for 4 hours. After one month of doing this, he finally became taller, stronger and calmer. If he wanted to be like that, he still continued to do this healthy routine.

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Miss Sarah’s Comments:

Matthias, what a cute story about staying healthy. I loved how he changed his lifestyle. What is the character’s name and story setting?