Lee Clement Ochs

The King and the Trolls

Once upon a time, there was a king, he lived in a castle, he was very rich and smart, he didn’t have any soldiers but he had a lot of giant stones.

Before the giant stones reached the kings castle, a wizard recited a spell on them, so they could see for miles from the castle, talk and move. They all lived with the king in the castle.

In miles away, there was a cave near the castle, it was very large. Inside the cave, there lived a dragon and one hundred trolls. The trolls were very mean, they always said to humans, “This is mine! That’s mine!” If the human didn’t give to them, they would take out a sword to kill them. They rarely walked by themselves, they usually rode on the dragon, the dragon was their pet.

Long time ago, the dragon lived with phoenix in an island, they always lived happily. One night, when they were asleep, one of the trolls hit the dragon with a magic stick. Then, the troll said, “Make him evil!” Next, the dragon started to become evil, and he walked away slowly with the troll.

One day, two of the trolls came back happily and said to the other trolls, “My friends, let’s attack the castle which is near our cave!” “Yeah, let’s do it,” said the other trolls.

The trolls rode on their pet towards the castle. In the first war, the king lost, but the trolls still didn’t got his kingdom. The king asked his ministers, “How could I beat the trolls?” One of the ministers said, “King, let all of your giant stones went to the battle, I had a key, the key would do what do you wanted, there was an elf in my house, it could do magic. King, this the idea of mine, and I know it could work!” So the King follow the minister’s instructions. Finally, the king won, after this battle, the trolls were too scared of the king, so they ran away quickly and everybody lived happily ever.

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Miss Rebecca’s Comments:

Excellent details, Clement! I like how you included background about the different characters.