Luo Jun Cavin

My Favourite Book

Dog Man unleashed is about Dog Man saving the city. The villain is a cat named Betty. Petey is very clever. Petey invents cash guys and another weird thing.

One day Petey ran away from the cat jail. Petey went back to his cave and made a car and a love ray. And then Petey drove the car to the city. Petey got out his love ray, zapped the people and Petey always said, “Give me money!” The chief called dog man and said “Petey came to the city. Please save the city.” Dogman ran to the city and jumped on the car. He moved the car and Petey fell off the car. The people that were zapped by Petey wanted to kiss him. Petey ran to the cat jail and let the people escape.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Teacher's Comments:

Cabin, thanks for introducing this book to me. Dogman seems quite humorous! Keep reading!