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Chow Tsz Yau Millia

Sick Puppy

My lovely puppy, Lucky, was sick! I was very worried about her yesterday. She was sick in the morning and she didn’t want to eat any breakfast or dinner. Lucky didn't even want to go for a walk and just laid in her basket to sleep. Mum decided to take it to the vet.

This morning, we took our puppy to the vet with my mum and sister, Mary, by taxi. Then, we went to the animal clinic. The vet checked my puppy’s stomach. He said, “Oh, my God! Did you give it candies?” We all said, “No, we didn’t!” We tried to think about why there were candies in Lucky’s stomach.

I remembered that we sometimes went to visit our neighbour, Mrs Law. She is an old and thin lady. She has white and curly hair with a pair of glasses. She is very lonely. She always buys candies because she wants to give them to her grandson when he comes. I always visit her with my puppy to make her happy. One day, she was busy in cooking. My puppy played with her big can of candies while I was watching TV at her home. So, I thought it ate many candies on that day!

Luckily, my puppy recovered after taking medicine. It is not allowed to eat anything outside anymore!

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