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Lam Wai Lok

My role model - Mr. Beast

Every person in the world has a role model. A role model is a person that sets a good example for you and you to get inspired by that person. My role model is Mr.Beast.

Mr. Beast is very tall and he has an oval face. He likes to wear his merch. People can buy his merch and he even has 600 of his restaurants. He is very kind and caring because he always gives away money to people in need, for example, homeless people or disabled people and many more.

I am also caring but he is richer and more hard-working than me. He can make better videos than me.
I want to start my own YouTube channel because you never know one day you will become a famous youTube and what you believe you can achieve. Moreover, when I grow up, I also want to donate money to the poor like Mr. Beast.

Mr. Beast has over 60 million subscribers on YouTube and has over 10 million followers on Instagram. Last but not least, Mr. Beast has over $50 million and maybe he has a lot of money, but he gives 90% of his earnings to families and charities. By the way, his real name is Jimmy if you don’t know.

Mr. beast has a lot of friends and he does crazy things like spending $1 million on lottery tickets and buying an $800,000 private island. Besides, he gives money away or even he gave a subscriber a chance to choose a Lamborghini or a house. Mr. Beast is a very kind and caring person just like my dad.

I want to be a famous and caring person. I will try to help more people. I want to be YouTuber in the future so I will learn how to dit and make cool content. I hope I will be successful like my role model.

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