Wong Hei Nam Sophie

My Life on the Hundred Decker Bus

I wake up at six o’clock. First, I always go to the teacher room’s window to peek at the teachers. They are usually at the food court or playing video games. But sometimes, they see me and invite me to come in. I often rush to see the best movies in the world because you can’t see them in other places. Then I go to the food court and eat breakfast. I never forget to say thank you at the end!

In the afternoon, I go to the Teddy Bear Carnival. First, I always go to the big ferris wheel. It goes super duper high and the view up there is spectacular! Then, I go to the mini fishing place. If you got ten or more stars, you will get a teddy bear as a prize. After that, I usually go to the merry-go-round. It goes crazily fast but it is still fun. My hair always gets messed up after the ride, but it’s worth it. You could never find a better one elsewhere.

In the evening, I often go to the Play Time Room because there are a lot of cool toys. I always go to play on the giant spiral slide first. It is incredibly high and thrilling. Then, I go to the ball pit. I sometimes pretend to be a hungry shark to eat my poor brother up! Next, I go on the swing. I can swing very high but my brother can’t. I’ll always help him. Finally, I go to play board games. I always win. I love the Play Time Room very much. My life in the Hundred Decker Bus is extremely exciting. It is so exciting that I can’t fall asleep, despite being super tired. Nevertheless, I still love it, do you?

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