Wong Elvis

Busy Town

Mr. Bean lives in Busy Town. There are many people and many shops! In the morning, Mr. Bean and Teddy feel hungry. They want to eat pizza , cookies and gummy bears, but they have no food in the house, so they go to the town. Mr. Bean and Teddy go to the Italian Restaurant on the River Street next to the food shop. After eating, Mr. Bean wants to pay the bill, but he finds out he has no no money in his wallet! He quickly runs to DBS Bank on Main Street and gets some money. Mr. Bean rushes back to the Italian restaurant to pay the bill. Mr. Bean feels very tired so he goes home to get ready for a nap. Then he wants to hug Teddy to sleep, but he finds out he left Teddy at the restaurant. He runs out in his slippers back to the Italian restaurant to find Teddy. He promises Teddy he won’t forget him again!

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Miss Sarah’s Comments:

Elvis, absolutely amazing writing about Mr. Bean’s day. You used great words and details. Keep it up, Elvis.——