So Yi

Saving Santa

The night before Christmas, Santa was busy giving presents to the kids while he was climbing down the chimney at my house. Santa was stuck in the chimney because he ate too many cookies, drank too much milk, and got fat a lot.

I woke up because of the noise. I walked into my living room and saw Santa being stuck in my chimney. I was shocked and I ran into my parent’s room. I woke them up and told them what happened.

My parents were shocked at what they saw. For a while, my parents decided to go to the tools shop to buy tools to save Santa. They left me at home to take care of Santa. While I was waiting for my parents, I remembered I have a friend who likes Santa too. He knows more about Santa. I thought I might seek help for him.

I ran into my friend’s house. I told my friend what happened and I asked for his help. “Yes! I am glad to help!” my friend replied. We ran back to my house. My parents came back at the same time.

My dad took the ladder that they bought from the tools shop. My parents and I used the ladder to climb up the roof and my friend put a lot of pillows at the bottom of the Chimney. I put soap on Santa and my parents pushed Santa down from the chimney.

Finally, we sent Santa to the hospital and went home. The next day, I found a lot of presents in the living room with a thank you letter. I felt so happy to help Santa.

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