Chiu Yuet Yuki

Saving Santa

As soon as I heard it, I knew I would have to do something and do it fast. I quickly gathered my gear and headed out the door.

The radio didn’t say which chimney Santa was stuck in, so I checked the neighbor’s chimney first. Luckily, Santa’s feet were swinging in the air on the top of the house! Now, that I found Santa, I just needed to work out how to get him unstuck.

I told Santa not to worry and I will try to use some ropes to pull him out, but Santa’s was too deep into the chimney the rope was not enough! Then, I tried smearing some oil around the edge of the chimney to make it more slippery. I tried pulling on the rope again, and Santa got looser, and more of his body was out of the chimney. Finally, he got out!

Santa was so relieved to be out of the chimney and he rewarded me with the thing I wanted the most, I was so happy. I’m never going to forget this christmas!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Lee’s Comments:

Yuki, your writing is getting better and better! Really interesting with all the adverbs, adj and languages you used!