Cheung Hei Yin Ally

My Role Model-Rosanna Pansion

Every person in the world has a role model. A role model is a person who sets a good example for you and you get inspired by that person.

My role model is Rosanna Pansion. She is a famous baker and a Youtuber with over 13 million subscribers. She is so successful because she works very hard on her amazing videos.

Rosanna has a big nose, long curly blonde hair with a pair of big eyes. She is 4 feet and 10 inches tall. She is funny. She always tells jokes and makes people laugh. She is strong. She uses her hands to mix the eggs fast. Her favourite activities are baking, cooking and playing with her two dogs. I am also short. I have a big mouth with sunshine smile but Rosanna is more energetic and funnier.

I want to be persistent in my dreams so I can achieve my goals. I want to be a good baker so I can bake more delicious cakes or cookies for my family. I will work hard, sleep better so I can be more energetic. Besides, I will read more recipes to get more ideas for making delicious food and desserts. I hope I can be a famous baker in the future.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg