Hui Ching Shan

Letter Writing

12th September, 2021

Dear Mrs So,

I am Natalie Hui studying in class 5A4. I am writing to suggest some ideas to help others with my friends and classmates! I want to help the elderly in elderly home.

Therefore, we need to suggest a date and classmates who will join. I think we could go to the elderly home on the 1st of January. Here are some suggestions of the activities:

1. Chat with the elderly. We could chat with them to let them not to feel lonely. Maybe we could talk about their experiences and know more about them.

2. Help the elderly clean their room. We could be volunteers and help them clean their room so they don’t need to live in dirty rooms.

3. Teach the elderly how to use social media. If the elderly know how to use social media, they won’t be lonely and they could chat with others!

These are my ideas for this Fundraising Day. I would like to make a poster to invite other classmates and even teachers to join us. I hope that you can give me some more suggestions about this fundraising activity. Thank you!

Yours sincerely,
Natalie Hui
Class 5A4

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