Zhang Anzuo Audrey

Little Green's Secret Hot Dog

Once upon a time in the Southwestern, there lived a dragon. He wasn’t big. He wasn’t small. But, he was very, very mean. The Mean, Medium Dragon loved all kinds of yummy food. But what he enjoyed most is tricking people into giving him the delicious meals that they worked hard to prepare. One day the Mean, Medium Dragon was flying through the desert when he smelled a delicious smell in the air. Mmm… I smell yummy hot dogs!” he said, sniffing happily. “It has tomatoes, lettuce… sniff, sniff… ketchup and yummy mustard. Only one person in the southwest makes such tasty hot dogs.” That person was Little Green. His secret hot dog was his best dish. The dragon stopped Little Green as they passed on the trail. “Where are you going with a basket of hot dog?” asked the dragon. Then he thought to himself. How can I get some? “I’m going to my grandpa’s house,” Little Green told the dragon. “He’s hungry in bed. My hot dog will help him fill his stomach.” The dragon’s mouth watered from the smell. He wanted that hot dog. He needed that hot dog. So he came up with a really mean plan. “I will take Grandpa’s place! To make sure he would arrive before Little Green,” he told Little Green about a shortcut through the desert. But the shortcut really was a longcut! The dragon raced to Grandpa’s house. He grabbed Grandpa and shoved him into the toolshed, locked the door and threw away the key. Then he put on one of Grandpa’s pajamas and jumped into his bed. “The hot dogs will be mine, all mine!” he cried joyfully. “I hope there is a bottle of ketchup in the house.” Dragon’s plan to trick Little Green might have worked, but he forgot that the toolshed was full of tools. Grandpa used the tools to break open the door and escape. When Little Green finally arrived at Grandpa’s house. Grandpa told him what had happened. Little Green was angry when he heard what the dragon had done to his grandpa. He said, “If that Mean, Medium dragon wants something delicious, he’s going to get it!” Then Little Freen gave grandpa some sliced magic lemons and went into the bedroom with the secret hot dog. After a while, Little Green came with an overstuffed dragon. Little Green whispered to Grandpa, he said, “Throw some magic lemons into his mouth!” then Grandpa threw some lemon into the dragon’s mouth, suddenly, the dragon changed back to his normal shape and flew away. Little Green said, “Grandpa, now you can eat the leftover lemons.” and Grandpa wasn’t hungry ever again.

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