Kong Aiden Man Hei

Max and the Wolf

Once upon a time, a boy named Max who lived in the forest with his mom and dad. Max’s family was very poor because they could not find any job. One day, Max went deep into the forest to search for food but he suddenly saw a bag full of gold. Max was so excited. He quickly ran back to his house. His parents were very proud of him. One day, a hungry wolf was searching for food so it went into Max’s house and ate his parents! Afterward, it quickly ran away. Max was very furious about what the wolf did. The next morning, Max ran to the city and used his gold to buy a sword, a shield and an armor to fight the wolf. At night, Max was wide awaked because he was waiting for the wolf to come to his house. He waited and waited. He finally saw the wolf walking down a trail. He quickly ran to it and slashed the wolf with his sword. They fought and fought. Finally, the wolf was tired and Max thought that it was the perfect time to kill the mean wolf. He quickly held up his sword and killed the wolf. At last, Max’s house was safer and he lived happily ever after.

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