Lo Jayliar Tsunki

Mr. Bean's Silly Day

One morning, Mr. Bean got up. He felt hungry and so did Teddy. Mr. Bean wanted a pizza and two cookies. Teddy wanted gummy bears. So they went to Diner Place on Grove Street. They ate and ate and ate until they felt full. Mr. Bean checked his wallet and found he had no money! He gasped and said, “Stay Teddy, I will go to the bank to get some money, okay?.” Then he ran to Great Bank on Main Street. He got some money and paid for the meal. After lunch, Mr. Bean was ready for a nap. Then he realised he had left Teddy behind at the restaurant! So he took off his pajamas and got his buddy back. The end.

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Miss Sarah’s Comments:

Jayliar! Amazing writing about Mr. Bean’s day! Amazing details in the story! Love it.