Lau Lok Yee

Scary Monster

The phone rang, “Hello,” I said. No one was there I hung up. All the lights went out…

I got out of my bed and went to pick up some candles to the window. “Ah!” I screamed. A scary monster was outside the window. Its eyes were red, staring at me, and wanted to catch me. I was scared, so I went to pick my lovely doll to be with me. Suddenly, my doll’s eyes turned red too and she sang with a creepy voice. I tossed my doll on the floor immediately. And I rushed into my parents’ bedroom. It was too late because they became monsters already.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Mr Kevin’s Comments:

Wow! This story will truly give me nightmares! The dolls eyes really freaked me out! Well done creating suspense through story writing.