Ling Hau Fung Navid

My Role Model

Every person in the world has a role model. A role model is a person who sets a good example for you and you can get inspired by that person.

My role model is Miss Kwok. She is my class teacher. She teaches me Math, English and UOI. She is tall and slim. She has got wavy blonde hair. She has big round eyes with a small nose and a big mouth. She is caring, hardworking and clever because she always helps us do homework and teaches us. She is funny and cheerful because she likes to tell jokes and makes us laugh.

I am also thin and I have brown hair. I am good at swimming but Miss Kwok is not good at swimming. We both like hiking. She is taller and smarter than me. She is also kind and helpful. She treats every one of us fairly.

I want to improve my handwriting because my handwriting is very poor. I also want to improve my English and Math. So I will be more careful in doing Math homework. I will also read more English books. I want to be an IB learner so I will work harder for my study.

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