Lin Junyu

Saving Santa

Today, I saw that Santa was stuck in the chimney in the TV. I was so confused how could Santa be stuck in it.

I wanted to save Santa because I would have no gift from him if he was stuck. First, I called my friend Tony to help together because he wanted the gift too. We first prepared some tools like hammers, then we went to the airport and headed to Finland.

When I arrived at Finland, Tong and I went to Santa’s house. When we arrived there, we saw that Santa was so fat and stuck in the chimney. We broke the chimney and saved Santa immediately. We asked that how he stuck in there. He said that he ate too much during the new year. When he walked beside the chimney, he was stumbled by a rock and fell into the chimney.

At last, Santa gave us some gifts. Tong and I felt very excited. It was not because of the gifts. It was because we helped someone and let the children receive the gifts from Santa.

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