Lau Tin Lam Denise

The Trip to the Mogao Grottoes

Last summer, the Ming family went on a trip to China. They had gone through lots of different adventures but the most unforgettable one was the trip to Mogao Grottoes.

When they arrived China, it was already night time, so the family checked in to their hotel near the Mogao Grottoes caves. After the night, the Ming family went to find their tour guide of the day -- Shang Lo. When they saw Shang Lo, the family greeted him with a nice warm smile. Shang Lo asked, “What are your names?” Ming Lam, which is the youngest replied, “Hello, my name is Ming Lam. I love history, that’s why I’m here on this trip.” “My name is Ming Lan. I am Ming Lam’s older brother,” Ming Lan said. Finally, Dad said, “I am Ming Lun and this is my wife Choe Kun.” “It is a pleasure meeting you all. There is a ten-minute walk until we could arrive to the Mogao Grottoes caves, so let’s go now,” Shang Lo said.

After a while, the family and Shang Lo arrived to the Mogao Grottoes. “There are a lot of caves here but we are only going to the one that has the longest history,” Shang Lo explained. As they walked to one of the caves, Shang Lo said with a scary voice, “I heard rumors about snakes with powers inside the caves.” “What kind of powers?” Ming Lam asked. Shang Lo thought for a moment and said, “Powers to close the caves and kill people. But we don’t know which caves they will be in, so we need to be very careful.” After Shang Lo said that, they were already in the cave. Just when they were looking around, they heard a loud bang and suddenly the cave was pitch black. “Oh no!” everyone shouted.

Suddenly Dad said, “In a movie I watched, four explorers were also trapped in a cave with a magical snake. They dug holes to escape from under the ground and managed to survive.” Mom said, “We could try that.” “But we don’t have anything to dig holes with,” Ming Lan said. Then Ming Lam shouted, “Mommy! I can’t see you!” Shang Lo pulled out a flash light and said, “Let’s make our own shovels to find our way out before the snake kills us!” Shang Lo picked up some branches from the ground and started teaching the rest how to make shovels. After a while, everyone picked up their shovels and started digging as the snake kept hissing. They dug and dug.

After a very long time, they were finally half way through. “We need to dig faster,” Shang Lo said. The snake kept trying to get its head through the hole they dug. It was really scary and horrifying for the Ming family and Shang Lo. Suddenly Ming Lan shouted, “I see it, I see the sunlight!” Everybody gasped when they saw the sunlight. “Sssssssss,” the snake hissed while the Ming family and Shang Lo were looking at the sunlight. Ming Lun said, “We need to stay focused, or else we will all be the snake’s lunch!” So, they continued digging and digging once again.

A long time had passed, the family and Shang Lo finally got their way out. After they patched up the hole, Ming Lam said, “I never thought that I would be so happy to see the sunlight!” Choe Kun nodded and said, “Yeah that was so scary yet exciting!”

After this scary yet fun adventure, the Ming family and Shang Lo went back to the hotel. They all waved and said goodbye to Shang Lo then went back to their hotel room. Once they arrived to their room, Ming Lun turned on the television. “Today we found out that the Mogao Grottoes caves were haunted by the snakes with the abilities to kill us humans,” the television host announced, “We are going to shut down the Mogao Grottoes, until we remove all the magical snakes from all the caves.” “Finally! They are removing the snakes from the caves!” Ming Lam said with a relief. “That means we can come back whenever the caves reopen!” Ming Lan said. The whole family cheered, “Yay!”

When the Ming family arrived home, they were all so happy that they were alive. Then the phone rang, Ming Lun answered, “Hello?” “Hi! It’s Shang Lo, your tour guide. I just wanted to inform you guys that our company is going to give your family a free trip to the Mogao Grottoes caves and the hotel stay because you guys helped China catch the magical snakes.” Choe Kun took over the phone and said, “Oh wow! Thank you and your company! But when will the Mogao Grottoes caves reopen?” Shang Lo replied, “Next year on the 4th of August. So, it’s right in the summer holiday. See you then, bye!”

When the Ming family heard the news, everyone cheered and was both excited and shocked. Ming Lam said, “This is so exciting!” Ming Lun replied, “Yeah!” After the phone call, they heard the doorbell ring. Ming Lun opened the door and saw their grandma. Ming Lun said, “Mom! We just came back from our trip.” Choe Kun continued, “Yeah! It was so much fun. We even got a free trip for finding the magical snakes. Do you want to go with us next time?” Grandma replied, “Of course! Bye!” Then she left.

The Ming family had a great trip. Not only did they help China find the magical snake, they also got a free hotel stay and trip to the Mogao Grottoes caves and also their grandma got to go with them. They all had an amazing time.

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