To Chin Yu Natalie

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a queen who sat on a wealthy throne inside a large castle. The castle was made of gold. One day, the queen noticed there was a basement, the basement was full of money, gold, jewelry and more! When the queen noticed, she was in shock! Then, the queen also saw a crystal ball, the crystal ball leads to the witch’s house, so the witch was spying on the queen. The next day, the witch used her broom to fly to the queen’s castle, the witch went into the basement and took everything! After she took everything from the basement, the witch saw the queen, the queen said, “That doesn’t belong to you!” Then, the witch said, “Oh queen, I will NEVER give you back the gold, money, pieces of jewelry to you.” After the queen heard what the witch said, the queen said “Ok, I have a challenge, whoever loses in a fighting challenge, you can keep everything you took!” Then the witch said challenge accepted and she whispered I am better than the queen. Then, the fighting challenge had begin. After the fight, the queen had won, so she gets to keep everything back from the witch’s hand. Last, the witch was mad, and said “I will get back to you one day, hahaha!” The queen didn’t care and she was happy after all…

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