Chan Ming Lam

Sweet Potatoes

A long time ago, there was a girl called Elly who lived in an old village with her parents. Her parents did not like her, they always hit Elly and even asked her to sell potatoes on the street alone. She had to do all the chores at home. However, she had a kind heart, when she saw some people in need she would help them.

One day, when Elly was selling potatoes on the street. And the old man came and said, “I want some potatoes,please. My kids have no foods to eat for many days.” Elly gave him two potatoes for free. The old man thanked Elly with tears in his eyes. Elly saw him walking with a limp. Elly held his hand and sent him back home. Elly found out the old man who lived with many homeless children. She decided to give all the potatoes to them. She wanted to give them more and then she went back to her potatoes shed to carry more and more to the homeless kids.

When Elly went back home. She had no money for her parents. And her family found out many potatoes missing. They felt very very angry and hit Elly. Elly felt sad. She ran outside and sobbed. Suddenly, a litter bird flew over Elly’s head. It threw away a seed from its beak. The seed grew into a golden fruit on the tree.

The little Elly heard a gentle voice say to her, “Dry your tears, little girl.” “ You are such a kind heart person and you deserve this golden tree. I use my magic hand then turn your parents into good people. I hope they could also help more people in need like you in the future. But please remember, the spell will be broken if your parents became greedy and selfish.”

Since then, Elly lived with her parents happily together. And they helped lots of poor people.

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Miss Fung’s Comments:

What a kind-hearted and generous girl! Hope Elly’s parents would keep their kind hearts like their daughter forever!