Yu Lok Ching, Diago

Fast Backward

As a British traveller, Peter has never been to China. For the destination of his first China trip, he picked Gan Su, where the famous Mogao Grottoes is located. One Christmas holiday, he walked into the Grottoes and was stunned by the spectacular view. He was especially surprised by the artworks and Buddha statues. He supposed there were not sophisticated building tools 1,000 years ago. It was difficult to believe how they were built. Appreciating them, he did not notice when the Mogao Grottoes closed, leaving him in the mysterious cave.

While Peter was observing an art piece, there was a beam of light at the end of the tunnel. He walked over out of curiosity. The closer he went, the clearer he saw. A wooden, dusty door appeared in front of him. Behind the door, there seemed to be a big mystery waiting for him to explore.

He put his hands on the door gently. Just then, a voice was heard. “What lays in front of you is the secret passage towards the Qin Dynasty. Only the selected kind ones are allowed to visit this secret passage, including me, a monk who discovered Mogao Grottoes. As you are being chosen, your mission is to secretly murder the evil Emperor Qin Shi Huang. However, if you go through the passage and do not return within the same day, you will become one of the buddha statues here.” The next minute, Peter’s mind came clear, the voice faded out right away and the cave was once again quiet.

Peter thought to himself, “As a ruler of China, Emperor Qin Shi Huang is well-protected by loads of guards. How can I possibly murder him secretly?”

Peter thought this idea was completely insane, but deep down, he always imagines himself as a superhero who fights for justice. He learnt about Emperor Qin at school but he never imagined himself as the assassin to kill Qin.

As if he was able to read Peter’s mind, the monk spoke again, “In order to kill him, I offer to help. But you must bring Emperor Qin into Mogao Grottoes, where the power of kindness from the cave will kill him.” And his voice vanished once again. Just then, Peter came up his plan.

He slowly opened the door and stepped in. Suddenly, he lost balance. The next moment, he was dragged towards the doorway by a mysterious force. He was magically sent from 2021 to the Qin Dynasty.

He was in an ancient market packed with household ladies buying groceries, students with scrolls on their back and someone practicing Kung Fu. Of course, phones and other modern electronic devices were nowhere to be seen.
Walking down the street, he noticed people shooting weird looks at him. They were all staring at his clothes. A young man who dressed in guard’s suit even ran to Peter and wondered, “What are your clothes made of?” At that time, Peter was aware that he was wearing modern clothes. He immediately asked the young man to exchange his plain clothes with him so that he would not stand out in the crowds. The man agreed as he was curious of the fabrics.

He asked the man about the palace’s location, and soon he arrived in front of it.

In the palace, Qin sat on his throne and laughed, “When the Great Wall of China is built, I will be the emperor with the biggest achievements in the entire human race. Ha ha!”

Just then, Peter secretly sneaked in as a “guard”, ran in. He said worriedly, “My majesty, there is an Egyptian King in a cave who bad mouthed about you being brainless and cold. Would you come with me and take him?”

The arrogant Qin instantly fell into this trap. He stood up furiously and yelled, “Who dares to insult me? I shall kill him with my own hands!”

His servants told him it could be a trap and he might be tricked. However, Qin was too angry to listen to all of them.

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