Yung Jada

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a baby princess was born in the castle. Her parents loved her very much. So many people celebrated her birthday. One night, the witch stole the princess and took her to a high-rise building. The princess couldn’t get out of the high-rise building, but she liked reading books, drawing, cooking… She forgot she was a princess. However, the king and queen missed the princess very much that the queen cried every day. One day, when the witch left the high-rise building, a prince passed by and saw the high-rise building. He climbed up the high-rise building. The princess saw him and she asked, “Who are you?” The prince said, “Where am I?” All at a sudden, the princess used her book to stun the prince because she felt scared.

The witch saw them and felt angry. She used magic to change the princess to a hamster.

The prince woke up and brought the hamster to the cave. He took care of it and played with it. They became the best friends.

One day, the prince kissed the frog and it returned to a princess.

He brought her to the castle and saw the queen and the king. The witch was caught and put in jail. The princess and the prince got married.

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