Lam Ethan

The Evil Living Statues of the Mogao Grottoes

Skeppy and his father went to Mogao Grottoes because Skeppy had a history project about historical architecture. Skeppy being only twelve, was smart, calm and kind. His father, Johnny, was strong, brave and calm.

Skeppy looked at some signs and knew that Mogao Grottoes’ first cave was built 1600 years ago. Priest Wang Yuanka discovered Mogao Grottoes. There were 492 caves and around 2400 buddha statues still standing. They went into cave number 96 and saw the biggest buddha Maitreya Buddha. It stood 35.5 metres high. They were both astonished and amazed at the sight. They also saw wall paintings of the buddhas, but some had faded and changed into a greyish tone.

Suddenly, the buddha statues came to life! They started to destroy buildings and attack visitors. The visitors were so scared and scurried away. Johnny was a policeman and he was acquaintances of The Living Statue Hunters. He called them for help and they arrived minutes later. With the help of the buddha transformer gun, the hunters could reverse the spell of the living buddha statues. However, they only had three shots. It was not enough! Johnny stayed to help as Skeppy tried to find out why this was happening.

Skeppy remembered what he had read on a website. There was an infinity stone that brought things to life in Mogao Grottoes. The website had a riddle. “A place that is very hot. It will be there only between 12:00-1:00. Maybe you can find it!” Skeppy thought of the hottest place was where the sun shone at noon. He borrowed a shovel from a gardener and went to find the spot. It was twelve o’clock, Skeppy dug and dug. He finally found the infinity stone!

He went back to his dad and told him that he found the infinity stone. He thought the stone could be turned off somehow to allow the statues to return, but he did not know how. The hunters said, “Maybe we can ask the living buddha statues.” Then the hunters used their buddha transformer and zapped three living buddha statues. Skeppy asked the three good buddhas, “Why do you want to destroy the world?” They replied in unison, “The humans don’t take care of us, we are fading and being destroyed by human nature.” Skeppy said, “No, through time, getting old is normal. We will take care of you all.” The buddhas nodded their heads. Skeppy kindly asked, “Can you please tell me where the hidden infinity stone controller is?” The first buddha answered, “I only know the first digit of the cave number is 2!” The second buddha said, “The third digit is 3!” The third buddha said, “The second digit is 6!” Skeppy put all three numbers together and knew it was Cave 263!

Skeppy, Johnny, the hunters and the good buddhas all went to Cave 263. They finally found the controller and turned the infinity stone off. All living statues stopped battling and went back to their original spots.

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