Wu Derek

My Zoo Pet

What is your favourite animal? My favourite animal is a dolphin. If I could take any animal from the zoo as a pet, I would take a dolphin.

First, dolphins are very obedient. It is easy for me to train them. I would like to train dolphins to play some tricks, for example, they can play leaps, dives and play with balls. I can have fun with them. The second reason is that they are quiet. Their voice is in very high frequency. Therefore, we cannot near them chat. I can have a quiet environment to study and rest. The third reason is that they are kind. I have read on the news that dolphins can save people’s lives in the ocean. If I go to the beach with my dolphin one day and I accidentally get drowned, it can save my life!

I am fond of keeping dolphins at home because they are obedient, quiet and kind. Do you agree?

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Teacher’s comments:

Dolphins would be an amazing choice.
However, I’m not sure if I have the space to accommodate it.