Lai Pak Man

Rare Animals That Are Almost Extinct

Every day, species around the planet are going to be extinct. For each species that go extinct, animals become and remain endangered due to habitat loss, poaching and climate change. These are the top 3 endangered animals.

(1) Vaquita Dolphin is first discovered in 1958, also known as the Gold of California Harbor Porpoise. Now there are only 60 of this remain.

(2) Peruvian Black Spider Monkeys are found in eastern South America north of the Amazon River. The population is believed to have declined by at least 50% over the past 45 years.

(3) The Red Wolves Native are found in the Southeast of Florida. Red wolves are considered a critically endangered species by the IVCN. There are now only around 25 to 40 left in the wild.

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Ms. Tam Comments:

It’s very sad indeed. I hope humans can take more actions to help save them!