Chiu Yuet Yuki

The Mysterious Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in China is famous for its history. It was built in the Ming Dynasty as a home for the emperor and was completed in 1420.

The city was built in order by Zhu Di who was the Ming Dynasty emperor. It was built to consolidate his imperial power and protect his security. It was used most of the time as a home to the Chinese Emperors.

The Forbidden City is the largest and only imperial palace standing now. It takes up to 720,000 square metres. The city is also a masterpiece of Chinese architecture, every single detail of the city reflects features of traditional Chinese culture. For example, the gates are all decorated with nine by nine of glided door studs.

The building is symmetrical, with an axis crossing in the middle. It has nine zones in total. For example, the Outer Court, the Inner Court and the Defensive buildings. The palace has two statues of lions to show the king’s power. Besides the lions, there are also many other statues of animals. Most of them are on the roof bridges, with ten on each. All of the statues have their meanings and purposes. They were put there for peace and harmony. The turtles are there to represent longevity for the emperor.

The Forbidden City is an amazing place to visit and learn about Chinese history. Would you like to go there one day?

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