Wang Yizhen

Susan and the Robot Cat

Last week, Susan’s mom brought Susan to a toy shop because that day was Susan’s birthday.

Susan looked at all the toys in the shop. Suddenly, she saw a cute robot cat which was smiling at her. She ran to the cat and yelled, ‘I want that robot cat!’ Then, Susan took it out of the shelf and her mom bought it for her.

When Susan arrived home, she took the cat out immediately. The cat jumped on the desk and said,’ Hello, Susan!’ Susan was so pleased and played with the cat all night.

The next day, Susan needed to go to school. When she packed her school bag, the cat jumped and sneaked into the bag but she did not even notice.

In the middle of the English lesson, the cat felt so hot, so it jumped out of the bag. Susan felt surprised. She switched it off and put it back to her bag immediately.

After that, the cat jumped into Susan’s school bag every day. Finally, Susan could not endure the cat so she bought a cage to lock up the cat. Then the cat could never jump into Susan’s bag again.

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