Chen Yun Ran Marie

Fantastic Transport

This is a plane with four wings. It can go really far, so the pilot wanted to go on an amazing adventure. But, of course, they need passengers. She went to the airport, and everyone was staring at her and her plane. “That’s so cool!” squealed a little kid rather loudly. “Hush,” said the parent. Anna took a deep breath. “It’s time to go on a new adventure,” she saw passengers walking in, still amazed. Then, some passengers suddenly stop walking. They turned to look at Anna. “Where are we going?” Anna shrugged. “Anywhere!” As the plane was full, Anna got ready to take off. “Put on your seat belts,” she shouted as she took off. She tried hard to keep the plane slow in the beginning but realized the plane could keep still without so much effort. “This is amazing,” breathed a little girl. Even Anna was amazed, but she tried to focus. “I wouldn’t want to send them flying out of the plane, she thought.

Then, Anna spotted a little path. I wonder where she went. “Let’s go there,” suggested a man with black round glasses. “Dad,” Anna was shocked. “Yeah, it’s me,” said the man. “I thought you would never go on planes,” said Anna. “Actually I always go on them,” replied the man. “Let’s talk later,” said Anna. “I won’t like crashing right into that little path,” Anna slowly landed as she realized that this place was beautiful! There were flowers of all kinds of different colours, bright green grass and short little trees. “This is amazing,” said a pretty and young lady looking around. “Wow,” said an older lady. Some kids were running around catching butterflies. But then Anna froze. “Where’s the plane?” she terrified.

Everyone stared at where the plane had landed. There was only smoke left. “Oh no,” said a man in a white shirt. The kids backed away from the smoke and ran back to their parents. Suddenly, a lady and a man came out of the smoke. “Uh…What’s going on?” asked Anna. Everyone looked at each other and all looked at Anna. “What?” asked Anna. No one replied. The smoke man said, “Your plane was broken. Do you want to ride on ours? “He nodded at his plane with six wings. Everybody looked at each other again and nodded. “Let’s go then,” said the smoke lady. They all got in for a new adventure!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Teacher’s comments:

This is really an imaginative piece which connects to the 100 Decker bus!
Loved your use of dialogue and keep challenging yourself as a writer.