Yu Lok Ching Diago

Sad Polar Bears

If I could take an animal home as a pet, I would take a polar bear.

The reason is that many polar bears are inhumanly treated in zoos, for example, I have seen a polar bear staying under the sun in a zoo in Japan. They have been used to the cold and freezing living environment. If we put them in a hot and humid place, their thick fat and skin will make them suffer. They will easily faint after staying under the sun for a long time. Therefore, there is a potential danger if we leave them in the zoo.

After bringing it home, I will build a freezing garden for it to imitate the environment of the North Pole. Although it will cost countless money, it is extremely worth it.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Teacher’s comments:

Aww. You are very caring! I hope all pola bears will know and remember you.