Cheng Shu Wai Icarus

Rusalka Week (Legend in Slaved)

There was a legend in this city about a girl always sitting behind the river. This river is really famous because of this story.

At the first of the legend, a boy called Sammy saw this girl with green hair and her body was all wet. This river is really dangerous. When the girl saw him, she asked Sammy a question. “What do you like most? Wormwood or Coriander?” The boy didn’t know what the girl meant, so he just said “Wormwood.” The sky started to turn dark. The girl smiled, jumped into the river and disappeared. Sammy didn’t know where the girl was anymore. But for another boy Tommy, the younger brother of Sammy saw this girl after a few days, the girl asked him the same question as Sammy’s. But this time, Tommy answered “Coriander”. The sky started to get dark again. This time the girl didn’t smile but get angry. She jumped down the tree and pushed Tommy into the river quickly. And the girl and Tommy… disappeared.

After many years, someone wanted to know where they are but no one can find them. The girl’s name is Rusalka. One of the weeks in one year of the city is called ‘Rusalka Week’ because Rusalka will always here on many trees behind the river. No one is allowed to go to swim or go behind the river.

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Miss Tam Comments:

Very interesting, Icarus! Everyone should avoid going near the water during that special Green week!