Wong Hui Ching Emily

Ruby and Her Robot Cat

Last Sunday, Ruby’s mom gave Ruby some money to buy one thing from the toy shop because she got great marks on her Math test. Ruby was very excited. When Ruby got in the toy shop, her eyes were wide opened. She saw a robot cat. She liked it very much and decided to buy it.

When Ruby got home, she immediatedly started playing with her new toy. She decided to give it a name called Lucy. ‘Hello!’ Lucy said. Ruby was very happy with Lucy. She played with Lucy almost a whole day.

The next morning, Ruby wanted to bring Lucy to school, so she put Lucy in her schoolbag. When she arrived at school, no one noticed Lucy.

When they were having Math lesson, everything was normal until Lucy suddenly jumped out of Ruby’s schoolbag. Ruby was shocked. She quickly grabbed Lucy’s back. When the teacher turned back, she saw Lucy. She told Ruby not to bring Lucy to school again. Ruby zipped Lucy up in her schoolbag and listened to the teacher attentively for the rest of the class.

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