Cheung Hei Yin Ally

My Biggest God

My biggest goal and dream is to be a professional Ballerina.

I love to tell stories and express my feelings, however, I am not good at speaking. I could express and show you through my ballet dance, so you can feel it by my facial expression and body language during dancing.

I learn ballet twice a week and achieved Grade 2 in early of this year. In Ballet dance, there is a total of 16 grades and I just reached the fourth grade. There is a long way to go.

I will keep learning from my ballet’s teachers who are very professional and patient. I also will join some dance shows to gain more experience. And I will search some ballet channels on Youtube to learn the skills from other dancers. Of course, the most important thing is practice. I will not give up my biggest goal easily.

I am 9 years old now. If I pass the examination every year, I will reach the highest grade twelve years later. I will be 21 years old at that time. After my great success, I may have many chances to join different dancing shows and become a professional ballerina.

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Teacher’s comments:

I can really feel the yow passion and understand your love of ballet! I hope you get the choice to perform in a show soon.