Lam Seon Zi Fergus

Terry's Lost Violin

Last Saturday after the violin class, Terry went to a park near the Bumpchy Ckrunky restaurant. Terry went to the park because Terry wanted to play with his pet, Rocket. He put his violin on the bench.

Then he went to the Bumpchy Ckrunky restaurant to eat his lunch. He forgot to bring his violin to the restaurant. The food was so delicious that he forgot everything. Do you know why he forgot everything? Because it was a Michelin three-star restaurant! Then the Rocket the dog ran back home by itself.

When Terry came back to the park, Terry found that the violin was gone. Then he said, “Oh my god, my violin was gone! You got to be kidding me!” He was super upset because the violin was a birthday gift by grandma. He was very regretful. Then he sighed, “How come I lost my violin.” He sat on the ground and down in the dumps and waited until the evening. He went back home.

When he opened the door, Terry saw Rocket breaking a violin and he said, “Oh no! no! no! no! no! no! no! no! no! Rocket, you broke my violin!”. Then he looked closer and he found that the violin actually belonged to his big brother. Then he rushed to his room. He saw his violin and he said, “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I found my violin, oh Yeah!” Then his mum said, “Acutally I found your violin in the park so I brought it back home.” I said, “Thanks mum, I will remember to take good care of my violin!”

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Miss Ng’s Comments:

Your message is clear, easy to understand. Well done. Just pay attention to the correct use of punctuations!