Lee Cheuk Hang

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in the middle of a kingdom, there was a fancy castle. And, in that castle, there lived a king. The king was wealthy, and he had a beautiful daughter called “Lisa”. The king was worried about her because in a cave near the castle, there lived a big and mean dragon. That dragon could split out lava and fire. The king was worried that the dragon would eat her daughter. Every time, she wanted to go for a walk, the king sent guards to keep an eye on her. One day, Lisa went to her friend’s house to play. When she was halfway there, all the guards were out of sight. Lisa was terrified, she shouted, “Guards, where are you?” No one answered her. She tried to calm down, then she heard a loud stomping noise. Twenty seconds later, the dragon showed up and caught Lisa in his hand, Lisa shouted, “Help! Someone help me!” but in the forest there was no one to rescue her. But in the castle, the king heard her daughter’s voice calling. The king was terrified, he sent an army of soldiers and guards to kill the dragon. When the soldiers were in the forest searching for clues, one guard said, “Maybe, the king’s daughter is in the dragon’s cave, let’s go and see if I am correct.” Then, everyone rushed to the cave. Several guards went saving Lisa, while the others fought the dragon to death. They were separated. The guards found Lisa and got her to her friend’s house. The others walked and walked, they found out that the dragon was asleep, they woke up the dragon and it roared. Everyone held up their guns and swords. They fought and fought and fought, but none of the guards or soldiers were dead or hurt. They fought for such a long time that it felt like they already fought for a day. Finally, the guards and soldiers killed the dragon. And, everyone lived happily after.

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