Hui Ching Shan

The Interests of My P.5 Friends

What are your interests? Do you have anything that you enjoy doing? I have interviewed my two friends, Sabrina and Sophie about their interest. Let’s see what their interests are?

Sabrina Yan enjoys dancing ballet. She thinks that. Dancing is very relaxing and it can make her feel comfortable and happy. It can also help her lose weight and make her healthy. Almost a year ago, she danced in a Christmas show, Deck the Hall! She thinks is the most relaxing activity.

On the other hand, Sophie Tam loves playing tennis. She loves playing tennis because it can help her strengthen her muscles. She thinks it is very fun. She played three competitions before. She is in our school tennis team. Playing tennis is the most fun activity in the world!

Natalie Hui is interested in reading books because it can make her learn knowledge from the books. She thinks it can make her knowledgeable and it is very interesting. She read some of Harry Potter books before. She thinks reading is the most interesting activity in the whole universe.

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