Leung Man Ki

Susan and the Robot Cat

During the weekend, Susan went to the toy shop with her parents. She saw a cute robot cat that could talk, so she decided to get the robot cat. Then she got home to try it out. She was very excited because it would feel like she had a pet cat. The first thing the cat said after putting in the batteries was “hello”. Susan was very happy.

Days passed and she played with the cat every single day non-stop. One day, she decided to bring the robot cat to school to show all her friends, so she put the robot cat into her backpack and she thought that everybody would love it.

Before she brought it to school, she made sure that the batteries were working and that the cat was safe and sound in her backpack even though it was a bit glitchy and malfunctioning. Susan didn’t think too much about it.

During the middle of the class, Susan heard rustling in her backpack thinking that it was the cat but again she didn’t think much about it. It was almost recess. Susan was getting more and more excited every single second. A few minutes during the last class before recess, she heard more rustling but she didn’t think much about it until suddenly the zipper of the backpack burst open and the cat flew out and yelled, “Susan is a scaredy-cat.”

Everybody looked at Susan and started laughing at Susan. The teacher didn’t think it was funny and told everyone to stop and told Susan to take the cat home. Susan was very embarrassed and threw the toy all the way across the room when she went home and she never liked any toys that could talk ever again.

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Teacher’s comments:

The stony is interesting with a good choice of vocabulary!