Chow Tsz Yau Millia

An Unforgettable Holiday

My family and I went to Taiwan in 2018. First, we enjoyed a comfortable spa in a hot spring hotel. On the second day, we went shopping and had dinner at Shilin Night Market. My favourite food was shaved ice with mango and oyster vermicelli. They were yummy and special.

On the third day, my uncle in Taiwan brought us to Ping Xi Station. It was built in 1929. The most popular activity in Ping Xi is to fly the sky lanterns. There were many colourful sky lanterns in different sizes for people to choose from. People would write their wishes on the lanterns. Then, they light them up with fire and the lantern will fly away to the sky. Since my domestic helper had resigned, I missed her very much. So, I wrote a wish for her to come back soon. When the lantern was flying up. I sincerely prayed for my wish to come true.

When we came back to Hong Kong, my mom received a message from my domestic helper saying that she would like to come back to take care of our family!

I was so delighted, thrilled and over the moon! This was my forgettable holiday!

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Teacher’s comments:

Wow, your wish did come true! I’m been to Ping Xi. it’s a beautiful area of Taiwan. I remember one station was famous for its cats.