Wong Matthias

Fantastic Transport

This is a jet. There are two flaming missiles. It can travel for twenty thousand kilometres. It is used for emergencies, evacuations and apocalypses. It lasts for two million flights, it’s made of titanium.

There once was a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean where legends said the plane went into a portal causing the whole sea to rumble. A few years later a man named Mark Paulson who was a professional jet pilot was sent out to discover the portal which was rumoured to be in the sky above the Pacific ocean. He flew his jet to the sky until he saw a purple and grey circle. He went inside and then he found out that the passengers had been kidnapped and worked as slaves! Mark fired a flaming missile at a kidnapper and found out the kidnappers were robots. He fired another missile at once but he missed. The robots started attacking him. Mark reloaded as quickly as he could and shot one. Then, Mark wanted to call his team but there was no signal! Mark kept shooting but it was useless because the robots were too fast! Then, Mark had an idea. He pressed a button that shoots missile. It was very fast and very effective against robots but there was no effect on humans.

He aimed it at the centre of the plane and the robots died and Mark rescued the people who were kidnapped and his adventure ended.

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Teacher’s comments:

Wow! What an interesting piece about jet planes have you ever been one in real? I wouldn't mind going on an ultra-fast adventure on a jet plane. Great piece and vocabulary use.