Chan Ho Long Ryan

A Healthy Day

At eight o’clock on a Saturday morning, I had a healthy breakfast, it included eggs, corns, mushrooms and some pasta. That was delicious!

My brother and I went to Tsuen Wan park, we did lots of outdoor activities such as riding a bike, riding a scooter and playing hide and seek with my brother and my friends at the playground. We were sweating so we drank plenty of water.

In the afternoon, my family and I had a healthy lunch at “Outback” restaurant. Then, we went home to do homework and studied the spelling challenge.

After doing this boring homework, my energy level was very low. I went to a restaurant to get my power up. To get my power up, I ate lots of vegetable, fish, meat and plenty of rice.

I was so tired after doing all these activities. It was good to have a mindful breathing to clam myself before going to the bed.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Rebecca’s Comments:

I like how your story shows how important it is to have a healthy mind as well as a healthy body!